Why blog?

Cos who doesn’t like pictures of cute giraffes?! That was me, pre-baby..

It’s taken a long time to get to the point of writing a blog. I’ve been contemplating it for years, but not had the balls to just get on and write. Then I thought, why? Who am I doing this for, and what am I worrying about? I realised that actually it would be quite cathartic, pretty much like writing a diary – and then leaving it open, oops!
I wanted to write, partly because I felt that I’d lost so many memories of my early parenting days, that at least if I penned something from this point onwards, I’d have it to look back on. Secondly, I (and we, as a family) are coming up to a stage where we’re about to experience a lot of change, and I want to share it in a public forum because I believe that some of the things I write about might become a useful resource to others – mums to be, new mums, second/third time mums, working mums, stay at home mums, career change mums, mums who’ve experienced pregnancy loss – I’ve been all of those at one point or another!

My blog therefore is a manifestation of a number of things: day to day parenting, articles I have written about specific topics and useful baby products Ive had along the way, and also a space for me to discuss the other side of life, and how anxiety has changed my outlook on my career and life in general. I’m sharing this because I want to be open and positively talking about mental health, in the hope that I can improve my own anxiety and possibly reach out to others who have experienced something similar.
It’s a bit of a mish-mash really, but that’s life for ya! I haven’t quite untangled all the strands in my baby brain as yet, but somehow my page will take shape!

I’m aiming for a weekly blog post if I can summons the energy at the end of the day, and only if there’s anything worth writing!
Please read, follow me on Instagram for lots of photo spam of the tribe, and give me feedback! Tell me what you would like to read more of, ask any questions, I’ll do my best 👍🏼.

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