Summer sun and Whitby fun…

After my last post about holidaying in Cornwall and an imminent return to work, I confess that it didn’t actually happen.
We have a wonderful childminder who I think of after 3.5 years as an extension to our family. She has always done her best to help us out whenever possible, and really loves the boys. Sadly she had a bereavement 3 weeks ago and it broke her heart. She needed time off. I was the only person who could realistically look after all three, and
work agreed I could go back a couple of weeks later and owe the time at the end of my notice period. Phew.


So, what do we do with an extra two weeks of pure sunshine?! Enjoy it of course. Where? Nanas house! We’ll take our mess there I thought, leave Daddy to tidy up our place and make the most of her seaside abode.
We are really lucky, in my latter teen years I probably didn’t appreciate Whitby enough, but it’s such a lovely place for small children. The boys are most happy spending all our money on the 2p slots at the amusements or endless rounds of crazy golf, but the best bits really are free- the beach is Mums garden, and a short drive takes us to the moors where we can hide away from the crowds in secret picnic spots by a stream with only sheep to disturb us.

It’s pretty idyllic and although I look at all these places with a certain amount of angst, trying my best (and generally failing) to weigh up all the hazards, I got plenty of enjoyment too from seeing the kids spend time with their Nana and Granddad in the places where I played as a child.

My wonderful grandparents also live right by Mums and it is such a privilege to have four generations together in one place. Riri got to help his Great Nana bake bread!


All in all, a lovely few days, a little cooler than in Liverpool with a nice sea breeze, but plenty warm enough to spend our days outdoors.


Our second extra week has been marred somewhat by an outbreak of a vomiting lurgy! Completely out of the blue, Thursday afternoon took an unexpected turn when the youngest two exploded without a moments notice and within two minutes of each other. Riri had looked a little tired earlier, other than that I’d had no warning that anything was amiss. I did not take it well (not so proud of that bit). Only to find myself within half an hour feeling exactly the same! An SOS call to Daddy for an early return fell on deaf ears but somehow we muddled through. 24h of hell, thankfully that’s all it lasted, which meant we were able to attend Muruthis nursery end of year performance on Friday afternoon. Oh wow, that was cute!
I’m glad to say his school report was really positive, especially the comment that he had become a ‘role model’ in his class. I’m bursting with pride in him, and so looking forward to his next year in big school.

Lastly for this week, Friday night I had a text I couldn’t have expected, that my childminder could no longer carry on with her job.
I’m really stuck now and confused about the best way forward, but such is life. We will love and miss her very much. X

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