Why Choose to be a Stay at Home Mum? Isn’t that a big pay cut?

Well, who wouldn’t want to hang out with such cuties?! (One thing I’ve loved about making this site is going through my archive of thousands of photos of the babies, I could waste literally hours though!)

I don’t want to create any misconceptions here; I’m feeling exceptionally lucky that financially, I can take a career break!
Lucky that my husbands income can pay all the necessary bills and keep us fed and clothed! For that is all I think my little kids need: food, warmth and love. Focusing on that made it easier to ‘give up’ the potential for a family holiday and luxuries.
Mind you, having three kids in under four years and going to work part time already meant a lot of sacrifice! And don’t get me wrong, I’m under no illusion that staying home is going to be easy, because being a Mum is blooming hard work, on duty 24/7, 365, at the beck and call of three little baby birds who are in constant need of something or other! And even though every moment is not rose tinted, I still feel privileged to be a part of their life each day and relieved that I am no longer trapped in a career I could not sustain.

So is it a huge pay cut? Actually with the cost of childcare, and a third child this year, the answer is no! But it just means those aforementioned sacrifices – luxuries and holidays. For now, at least. It’s OK though, I’m already an Aldi convert!

My marvellous parents are taking us to Cornwall for a week this year and for that we are so grateful! I’ve not been since I was a child and I can’t wait to explore with the boys. So there’s a holiday sorted – though I’m already getting requests for trips on ‘airplanes’ so we’ll have to succumb at some point.

Giving up work for the foreseeable future obviously means I’m also forgoing any potential to earn. I even start thinking about my flippin’ pension! But I’ve actually got a plan for 2019 and I’m going to share it as the year goes on.

But for now, I’ve got a year where I can see my first son through his transition from pre school to a new school, take the second to pre school for the first time, and be around to see baby take her first steps.
To me that’s the most important thing at this stage, but I won’t deny that this year is also a bit of time and ‘headspace’ for me after a hectic period in my life, hopefully I can make some changes which stegnthen me for the future challenges to come! I’m thinking about the best ways to take a bit of ‘me’ time – no1 idea at the moment is to rejoin my old running club..

If anyone wants to chat to me about any of the topics I blog about then give me a shout. I’m also open to suggestions from other sahm’s who may have found unique ways to earn a bit of pocket money whilst dedicating much of their time to little people. Thanks, Holly x

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