What do I get for my Boys this Christmas? Aged 3 and 4 now, they are moving onto more imaginative games and creating more intricate designs from whatever they can find.

This year we are going for quality and not quantity, having made the opposite mistake in the past and learning that young kids need only a few, robust toys to keep them happy – for one festive day at least!

What have we decided upon? This is a mixture of retro classics and modern tech. The boys will inevitably play with each other’s toys so we have tried our best to keep them all appropriate to both their ages, but Muruthi is now old enough to play independently with Lego and I can’t wait to bring back childhood memories with a box of classic blocks!

We have decided to buy a tablet this year for a specific reason. We’d otherwise avoid a tablet at this early age but I’ve read so many positive things about the amazon kids fire that apart from the main reason we’re buying it, I know it’ll become a useful addition to our household.

#1 – Lego Classic

Speaks for itself! Love, love, love.

#2 – Amazon Fire for Kids

For a convalescing child, I have no doubt this is going to be an incredibly useful piece of tech.

#3 Board Games

Not the traditional type of board game, but we got a little bit sucked in by the adverts on Milkshake TV – well it was either Pig goes Pop, Gooey Louie or Doggie Doo…

#4 Jigsaw Puzzles

Muruthi has now outgrown his current range of puzzles, and needs a bit more of a challenge..

#5 VTech Toot Toot

To expand on the Toot Toot garage we bought Riri on his 3rd birthday, we thought we’d get some track. Makena loves it too.

#6 Wooden Car Transporter Truck

Riri is still mega keen on a good old game of brum brum with his cars. I love wooden toys and a car transporter has definitely caught my eye.

#7 Brio Train Set

Both boys love their wooden train set. Christmas and birthdays are the perfect time to expand them a bit. We need a new train this time.

#8 Magformers WOW Vehicle Set

Now this is something new to us! I’ve heard so many positive things about magnetic building kits that I’m keen to introduce it to the boys.

#9 Books

What’s not to love about a classic Allan Ahlberg? I can’t believe we haven’t any funnybones books yet.

#10 Cash Register Toy

Riri in particular loves his kitchen and playing at cooking me dinner or making a cup of tea. To expand on this and get the boys playing together, I thought a till would be perfect for imaginative play and setting up shop!