I’m Holly, soon to be a full time SAHM of three beautiful little ones, aged between 4(just!) and 7months.
Muruthi and Riri are my boys, aged 15 months apart, and often mistaken for twins. Makena is my baby girl, albeit rapidly growing up and proving herself to be just as much a character as her big brothers!

Dad is Ben, married for 5 years. He’s originally from Kenya but we met in York in 2011 and married in Kenya in 2013. It really has been a whirlwind since we met, we have achieved so much in our relatively short time together.
Ben works in IT and is the PR man for my site! I’m really quite technophobic but he’s the guy making it possible for all my ideas to be shared and reached out to a wider audience.

I was born in Plymouth, raised in beautiful North Yorkshire (I consider myself a Yorkshire lass!) living in Liverpool since 2007.

I qualified in medicine in 2012 and in between having babies and subsequently going down to part time work, I managed to complete my two years foundation training and embark on the path to becoming a GP.
However I’ve always had my doubts about this career. It’s not been an easy road, right from the early days of university through to today. I’ve always been a bit of a worrier and lacked self confidence since childhood. Eventually the nature of the job has led to a pretty good whack of anxiety and in all honesty the toll it has taken on my mental well-being has become totally unacceptable. It has spilled over into me feeling pretty anxious about all sorts of situations not just related to being at work, and at times has led me to feeling pretty low. Time to take action!

Having the children enabled me to realise what my priorities were, and that nobody should feel trapped in a tunnel with no light at the end of it. Who knows if, had I stayed and tried to plough on and become a GP (another approx 3.5 years part time still to go), I would have been able to carry on practising and work through all my anxieties, or if given time and experience they would in part, have faded. I could not predict that, but felt in myself that staying wasn’t the answer. With the anxiety, I’d lost the passion and enjoyment, and ultimately I needed a change of scene.

I’ll be blogging of course, about what the future holds! But from September I’ll be taking a year off to be ‘Mum’. I’ve written another post about how that works out financially for us.

There is more to me than bring just ‘mum’, though of course for the last few years I’ve done pretty much nothing but feed/wind/change nappies/wipe botties/resolve conflict..aaand repeat (time and time again!).

Pre kids I loved to travel about, run and bake.

I was in a running club, and if there’s one thing I need to do for myself in the next year, it’s to start up some form of exercise once again. I’m not sure my joints are what they once were pre-kids, but if I can hobble around a 10k by this time next year, then I WILL!

Cross country. Mamakandthetribe

I still bake a little, mainly with the kids. It’s great to see their enthusiasm!

As for the travelling, well one day we dream of getting all the children out to Kenya. All of Hubbie’s family still live there, and sadly they haven’t met our youngest two. We want the children to know their family and about their cultural heritage, so at some point we will make it happen.

Muruthi and cousin Z. Mamakandthetribe

Thanks for taking time to read a little about me. I think a hangover from being a doctor is that there’s still a part of me who wants to help and care for others, blogging is hopefully a part of that. If you have any questions or just want to talk about any of the topics I’ve written about then feel free to contact me. I’ll no longer be dishing out any medical advice but I’ve got plenty of experiences I’d like to share! Follow my Instagram page for daily photos and updates 😁. I like spamming y’all with cute pics of the offspring.