A ‘Fournado’ and other tales from the Tribe…

OK so here goes…I’ve been putting this site together for weeks, much longer if we include all the time I’ve thought about it. I’ve written my posts about a few topics, in particular my breastfeeding journey which I wanted to share for all its ups and downs. And now here’s my first weekly blog post just about ‘stuff’.

I’m no creative writer and it’s a long time since I’ve even tried. Being a doctor didn’t really require elaborate letter writing or note keeping, just matter of fact stuff. So I’ll probably bore the pants off anybody who stays awake to read this!


Last Saturday, our beautiful and bright eldest son Muruthi turned a big 4. I seriously cannot believe where the time has gone. Yet having said that, I also just can’t remember much about becoming a mum for the first time. I look at the two boys together and it somehow feels like they’ve always been the age/size/nature that they currently are.

It’s been such a whirlwind of four years!

And talking of stormy weather, I’ve titled the post ‘fournado’ (apologies if anyone coined this before me!), because well, it ain’t getting any easier! Muruthi has just gone back to pre-school after a two week half-term, and is it so bad to say I was pretty glad?! He and brother Riri are quite hard work at times. I suppose it’s just a sibling thing – or so my childminder tries to reassure me after she mentions that they’ve had lots of argy-bargy that day – but they really are constantly at each others’ throats!

I have always found that I, and they, are better if we are all out of the house. They seem to enjoy each others company more when they go into little adventurer mode, and its heart warming.


This week, I’ve had no days where the boys are at the childminder. They did still go a couple of days a week because with each baby I’ve wanted some time just with them, and also to keep the older sibling(s) in routine whilst I’m on mat leave. So a week with all three definitely loomed as a bit of a challenge! However I realised I’m probably a bit more capable than I gave myself credit for. Great practise for Sept onwards! The amazing weather helps no end though, we’ve spent the vast majority of our time outside, visited a different park each morning, and walked to and from school.


As a result, the boys have been great. Yes, there’s been blips! Many!! But I feel positive and not nearly as frazzled as expected, so it’s a win! Early trips to the parks are great for me, I feel far less anxious when places are nice and quiet and I can’t lose the boys in a crowd. And by crowd, I even mean just a few kids in a playground is enough to set me on edge! I think being generally quite fatigued with all the night feeds adds to my assumption that I just can’t keep my eyes on them unless they’re the only kids around.


So, perhaps the fournado this week has settled into the occasional gust, and I hope the forecast for next week is just the odd breeze. We’re heading down to Cornwall as I mentioned in my ‘SAHM’ post, generously gifted by my parents who will also be two brilliant extra pairs of hands. I may actually get a proper rest! I could do with one, a brief return to work looms like a dark cloud the following week, but for now the less said about that the better. Bring on the cream teas and pasties!

I’m thinking about other content for my blog. If anyone stumbles across this and has any ideas or wants to ask anything about what I’ve written so far, I welcome ideas and feedback! As much as the blog is something for me, I’d really like to be of some use to other people.

For now, adios! I’ll check in again after our holidays! Holly x

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